Pain Management While Traveling

If you frequently travel for work or pleasure and you suffer from some type of chronic pain, you will need to know some effective ways to manage it when you are far from home. Traveling can be a stressful experience that may make your physical pain worse if you don’t take the proper precautions.

Plan Your Transportation Carefully

One of the best ways to manage your pain when traveling is to book direct flights whenever possible. Having to transfer planes will put unnecessary strain on your body and make your pain worse. The most direct route from your origin to your destination will go a long way in making the traveling process easier.

Incorporate Movement Into Travel

During a flight you should get up when safe to do so and stretch your arms and legs briefly. This will prevent cramps and further pain while you are in the air. If you are driving, schedule breaks at rest stops where you can get out of the car and get some fresh air.

Invest In Rolling Luggage

A sturdy suitcase with wheels is preferable to a flimsy one without wheels. You will find yourself in much less pain when you can wheel your suitcase along as opposed to having to carry it like any other bag. If you use a duffel or messenger bag, the strap should be comfortable and the ideal length for your comfort level.

Pack Your Bag Wisely

Your carry on bag should contain items that can help you relieve pain in certain parts of your body, such as neck pillow, a blanket you find comfortable, and a cold pack and/or heating pad. Having easy access to these items makes pain management Edison NJ much easier. The more prepared you are with the items you will need the less likely you are to keep suffering from pain while you are headed to your destination.


Call Your Hotel Directly To Book A Room

Booking a hotel room from a third party website can be inconvenient for anyone, but moreso for anyone who suffers from chronic pain. When you book a room through a third party they can’t answer questions about the hotel. This means that you may end up reserving a room that is far from the elevators or inconvenient for you in other ways. Speaking to someone at the hotel when you book your room allows you to ask about any special accommodations you might want or need due to your pain level. It will also give you an opportunity to find out if the hotel has or is near a restaurant, gym or anything else you may want to rely on during your visit.

Carefully Choose Your Car Rental

If sitting in the drivers seat of a car causes you pain in anyway you’ll want to rent a car with features such as adjustable seats and a tiltable steering wheel. The best way to ensure your rental car has what you need is to speak to someone at the company and explain your physical limitations to them.