Dental implants take months to get done

Dental implants take months to get done. The span of time between getting the implant and then the crown is around 4 to 6 months. The important part is the first portion of the process where the implant actually gets set into the bone. This is not really a worry to the patient, as the dentist will handle the entire thing while they just lie back sedated. Patients get drawn into the mix when it comes to dental implant aftercare.

Pain is to be expected after the surgery is done and the sedation begins to wear off. This can be relived with a light pain tablet and plenty of sleep.

Swelling will be a side issue from interference in the jaw bone. Relief here, comes in the form of ice packs. To not aggravate it further, sleep facing the ceiling so no pressure will be placed on the jaw itself.

Bleeding is also a familiar sight during dental implant aftercare. Patients will be told how to handle this and be given gauze to bit down gently on to absorb the bleeding and to slowly stop it.

The stitch will heal in a week and fall out. During this time it should be advised that there should be no interference on it. You would be able to brush your teeth but not directly over here. There should be no chewing and a liquid diet should be observed for a few days to ensure food particles does not compromise the healing.

Infections have a higher rate of appearing after a surgery, even a minor one such as dental implants. This is why antibiotics are a crucial part of dental implant aftercare and must be taken as advised by the dentist.

In addition to antibiotics and brushing, a mouthwash must be used to keep the implant area clean.

2 things in particular will disturb dental implant aftercare and cause it to loosen. The first would be physical exertion. Best to just relax and let nature take its course of healing. The next thing to cause disturbance would be wearing a denture. This should not be worn for at least 10 days so that no direct pressure will be placed on the implant and over the stitches.