Many whitening systems exist in the market to get your teeth a few shades whiter

Many whitening systems exist in the market to get your teeth a few shades whiter. None does this as safely and effectively as the Zoom teeth whitening kit. It can only be done at a dental office, but first you would have to ensure that a dentist does provide this particular whitening treatment. In Durban, all of the Family Dental Care branches offer the Zoom teeth whitening kit. It is a standard price across all branches. Teeth whitening is a treatment to restore the natural brightness of your teeth. This is lost over time due to highly staining foods and general wear and tear. With the Zoom teeth whitening kit, this is safely restored. Having the treatment done will bring back a sense of youth to the face since teeth do become duller as we age. As far as dental procedures go, the Zoom teeth whitening is a pretty simple matter, requiring no prep or down time afterwards. You would be able to resume normal activities right after leaving the dentist rooms.

The treatment itself takes around an hour, in fact even less, to complete. It can easily be accommodated to be done during one of the routine dental check-ups that everyone should be doing 2 times a year. The first step in Zoom teeth whitening is protection of the surrounding soft tissue in the mouth. The mouth will be held open by way of a retractor device so patients do not have to strain their jaw. This allows for much more relaxation. During the treatment, there is nothing for the patient to do but to relax, so this aids with that. Second, would be to place the Zoom whitening gel onto the teeth. This has been formulated to clean off the surface stains. The gel is used in conjunction with the Zoom light. The light activates the particles in the gel to get to work faster.

The combination allows for removing the surface stains quickly so as to not have the bleach on the teeth for any longer than necessary, causing virtually no damage to the tooth itself. The length of time that the treatment will last will depend on how the patient responds as well as how many shades lighter they would like for the teeth to become. Due to these factors, a set amount of treatment time cannot be given for the Zoom teeth whitening. Once the dentist is satisfied of the outcome, they will place a neutralizing agent over the teeth. This will stop the bleach from being activated further. The rest of the protective measures are then removed from the mouth. The end part of the treatment is to determine the level of improvement the patient has gained with the Zoom teeth whitening kit. This is done with a before and after picture comparison. Patients will have physical proof of the improvement of their teeth. With whiter teeth, patients are more likely to smile and show them off, opening themselves up to a host of new opportunities.